Theatre Whakatane Inc History

In 2005, following several years of discussion between Whakatane Operatic Society and Whakatane Repertory Soceity, the inaugural Annual General Meeting of Theatre Whakatane Incorporated took place, and with it the election of a new committee and adoption of a new constitution.

The first committee of Scott Jarrett (President), Bill Clark and Gaye Moyes (Vice-Presidents), Gwenda Ruegg (Secretary), Teresa Doggett (Treasurer), Brian Skilling, George Odey, Roxanne Reid, Mark Fort and Colin Guthrie brought together a combination of members from both previous societies with a commitment to continue live theatre in all forms.

As both societies had existing properties, these were both sold with the proceeds going towards the purchase of new clubrooms. This involved extensive fundraising, taking many forms from grants from funding agencies, donations from individuals and businesses, through to being the scary people in the Horror Maze.

With a lot of discussion as to our requirements, and several disappointments along the way, the property at 30 Gateway Drive, Whakatane was purchased. This property will be developed into a state of the art boutique theatre and rehearsal facility for use by the whole community. As well as being the home base for Theatre Whakatane, it will be fully functional for the community to use for performances, meetings, auditions, rehearsals and recitals, as well as providing set building, storage and a costumes wardrobe. Continued efforts to raise the funds required for this extensive development are still underway, but Theatre Whakatane does now officially have a home.

The aim is to have memorabilia displayed from both previous societies in the new facility, and that it will not only be our asset, but a community asset as well.

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